Track console

Used by the starter judge, the console manages the starting sequence, the commands, photoelectric – elastic cells, chronometer and the siren

Commands launch
Launching the start sequence (commands, cells monitoring, Recording on software...)
False start management
Automatically, the console warns of a false start in the event of a beam cut-off or by the intervention of the starter judge
Many features and options
The track console is autonomous with possibility of mains power or batteries - Screen mirroring - Chronometer control - Qualification mode - Siren in the speakers - network connection...

Cameras HD/4K

Installed at each level, cameras are shooting the starting sequence and allow the stewards to replay the start with the associated software

Start sequence filming
In HD or 4K quality, the cameras are in network connection with the control software
Day & Night
Cameras are optimized for filming both day and night racecourses and in all meteorological conditions
Professional camera
Temperature and hydrometrically controlled active housing incorporating a professional broadcast camera

Photoelectric or “Laser” cells

The cells installed at each level detect a false start immediately and trigger the siren

Laser cells
Professional timing sensors insensitive to sun, rain and fog up to 80m apart
Easy setting
Installed on ball joints for quick adjustment


Decision-making tool for racing stewards, easy and intuitive use.

Watch and replay the starting sequence instantly for quick and accurate judgment

Racetrack users
Years of experience
Deployed track consoles
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