Integral Software

The most advanced solution, Integral Software allows you to manage false starts immediately through an interconnected and automated system. The software installed in the judge's room allows to watch, zoom and justify a false start
Complete solution with video & replay
Mainly addressed to 1st category racetracks
All the different elements of the system are interconnected via a dedicated Ethernet network. The video recording is triggered automaticaly when the starter presses the "Start" button. The control console acts as a conductor and steers all the material. Cameras are remotely controlled by the software with the possibility of image processing with Filters (Day/Night, Sun), virtual start lines, Zoom and Focus for a better visibility.

The control console and the cameras are controlled in temperature and hygrometry, a LED lights up in case of anomaly for more safety. This indicator allow a fast detection of the material encountering a problem.
Specifically developped for trotting races startings, the software is configurable to adapt to each racetrack, no matter the number of starting area and grade. It allows an instant video playback, a virtual materialization of the startline, a photographic enlargement of each camera and video storage.
No untimely false starts : during the horses' loop, if the cells are cut off in the opposite direction it doesn't trigger a false start.
Rapid identification of an anomaly thanks to the indicator lights (connection, cameras, hygrometry, temperature...)

Our starting systems comply with the French Horse-Racing Acts and are certified by the society Le Trot (Cheval Français).

Technical features
 Robust aluminium housing
Resistant to extreme conditions
Screen with video feedback
Control indicators (Humidity – ventilation)
 Protection factor : IP33
Integrated 100w audio amplifier
 Power supply 220v 2A

Technical features
Professional HD camera
 Waterproof and controlled in humidity and temperature housing
Resistant to extreme conditions
Piloted with the software
Controlled ventilation
Sector and ethernet connections



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