This 100% autonomous starting solution does not require batteries or an external plug. The control console has built-in batteries which allows an autonomy of more than 4 sessions. Moreover, its robust housing resists to every climatic conditions.

Mobile race control console with integrated batteries

For racetracks without power on the starting area

Install the console, connect the necessary peripherals (chronometer, microphone, elastic tapes) and the system is operational.
Shocks resistant and weatherproof thanks to its robust aluminium housing coated with epoxy paint.
Batteries are integrated in the control console allowing an autonomy of minimum 4 reunions. No need to plug the consol in the start area anymore.

Our starting systems comply with the French Horse-Racing Acts and are certified by the society Le Trot (Cheval Français).

Technical features
Compatible with cells and elastic tapes
Commands management
 Control indicator lights (Humidity – Ventilation)
24v power supply
Integrated batteries
Integrated 100w amp
Option: speakers and suitcase



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