For several years STARTline has been supporting racetracks in the set up and the maintenance of their starting systems.
If you have a project or just a simple reflection, we can guide you and advise you on the set up of a complete starting system
We perform the installation totality of our system : the track cabinet, photoelectric cells, optical cells, cameras, computer in the judge's room and all the interactions. We master each elements and each steps of our system !
We recommend an annual maintenace of the installed material to ensure a proper functioning. There are two different maintenance formulas : Maintenance contract or at the intervention.
We can measure your fibre or copper Ethernet network in its entirety thanks to our measuring and reflectometry instruments. Following the measurements we deliver a conformity certification.
Our starting systems comply with the French Horse-Racing Acts and are certified by the society Le Trot (Cheval Français). Every development replies to a specific demand or is made in partnership with Le Trot.