Performant and robust solution that allows you to manage false starts simply thanks to the control console which is compatible with photoelectric and elastic cells.
Simple solution photoeletric cells – elastic
For racetracks having their own camera system
The control console Secteur is the historic starting solution of STARTline, this model inspired the full range. Durable and performant, the Secteur has been installed accross France for 20 years.
Reliable and durable box in waterproof aluminium with epoxy painting.
Resistant to all courses climatic conditions.
Upgradeable to the complete solution (software + cameras).
Adaptable to every evolution congruent to the requirements of the society Le Trot.

Option: Wireless connection Control consol - Siren

Our starting systems comply with the French Horse-Racing Acts and are certified by the society Le Trot (Cheval Français).

Technical features
 Robust aluminium housing
Indicators control (Humidity – Ventilation)
Compatible with cells and elastic tapes
 Protection grade IP33
 Integrated 100w audio amplifier
 Power supply 220v 2A



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