This control console enables the starter judge to launch the start easily, autonomously without any sector connection. Super Mobile is an all-in-one solution to manage your trotting race starts !

Autonomous and ultra transportable control console

Dedicated to racetrack without starting infrastructure

Batteries are integrated in the control console allowing an autonomy of 4 reunions. No need to plug the consol in the start area anymore.
Install the suitcase, connect the necessary peripherals (chronometer, microphone, elastic tapes) and the system is operational.
Discover the complete solution that fits in a small suitcase.
All the commands/indicators lights are integrated in the microphone, you can therefore fully use all the funtions of a control console with one hand.

Our starting systems comply with the French Horse-Racing Acts and are certified by the society Le Trot (Cheval Français).

Technical features
Rotomolded light suitcase
Robust console in aluminium – inox
Commands and light indicators on the micro
Control indicators (Humidity – Ventilation)
Integrated batteries
 Integrated 100w amp
24v power supply



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