Types of starts – Trotting race

There are two types of start for trotting races : the volt start and the autostart. The volt start is the most commonly used by the french racetracks.
Volt starts

The volt start is the most used in France. During this kind of start, the trotters gather in the starting area, next to the track, and then follow the judge’s instructions. Under the order of the Starter (starting judge), the horses enter on the track by doing a slight loop (volt) to position themselves in the axis.

  • Tape starts (elastic) : the starting line is materialized by an elastic.
  • “Laser” starts : photoelectric cells represent the starting line

STARTline has been a pioneer and stays today a leader in the management of volt starts with laser cells or tapes


The autostart happens behind a vehicle with 9 horses maximum. The vehicle accelerates progressively on hundred meters and then leaves the track to the trotters.

In France, autostarts are not very common in comparison with scandinavian countries or USA.